My name is April Tribe Giauque and so far, I have had quite a life.  I am the 3rd born of 5 children, and I was born of "goodly" parents whom I love dearly.  They taught me to work hard, to have faith, and to take life as it comes.  I have had great opportunities throughout my life to experience success and failures, and how to feel my way out of darkness and back into the full light of life.


I have had my ups and downs: I have survived a mentally and physically abusive marriage.  I have been homeless and a single mother with 5 children while working as a teacher, and going to school full time.  Today, I'm remarried to Scott Giauque, and with this new marriage, we have added 4 more children making our family a family of 11.  We find strength in our faith and in each other, and continue to raise children with special needs.


I’ve learned that the secret of life is that you can find joy in all aspects of it.  Two of my favorite quotes give me support in finding joy:  “Come what may, and love it”--Joseph B Wirthlin, and “The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives”—Russell M Nelson. 


Pieced-together describes my life with my family perfectly. We have bits and pieces from different families, ideas, different abilities, deafness, and enthusiasm, energy, and enlightenment to fit it all together.  We are a work in progress, and like most families, we work hard at learning how to love and forgive each other; and in that process, we seem to find each other’s gifts, sorrows, challenges, and talents.  The goal of this Website is to post the good, ugly, and successes of our lives in the hope that we can give you that hope to press forward another day.  Pieced together--together we make a masterpiece.

April Tribe Giauque

340 Purple Martin Ave

Kyle TX 78640

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