12 Secrets to Virtual Book Launch Success in Spite of Social Distance

12 Secrets to Virtual Book Launch Success in Spite of Social Distance

Most people think to launch a book, you have to host a big social event or that you need to have a big party planned. But that's not true. In light of current events, we have been asked to keep a social distance. So how do you launch your book that you have been working on for months or even years when you can’t gather together? You hold a Virtual Book Launch!


Step #1: Let your Tribe know that you are going to have a Virtual Book Launch

This step is important because you already have a Tribe and a following. Here is how you use them. They help to spread the word that the book launch is still on and that they are the virtual force to get the information out and to be reckoned with.

Steps #2: Build your Virtual Launch team by holding a Zoom meeting and offer the assignments

This step is critical to your success because the team can pick the assignments that play to their strengths. This is most helpful when working with technology. For example, if your strength is creating memes in Canva then go for that assignment!

Steps #3: Team to prepare Memes, Invitations, and "ads" to get everyone excited

This means you can do a lot of preparation ahead of time. Better yet, have that be an assignment. If you have a graphic artist or tech-savvy person on your launch team, they will seek out their strengths and you will really benefit. It's critical to remember this when getting the Tribe/team excited to be there virtually, to have them show up shining for your event.

Steps #4: Ask for 10 people who feel comfortable with technology to share the event when you go Live on Facebook

You need to know this step because you will already have 10 solid people sharing your live event. Here is what I mean. Think about all the people who are home right now and will be over the next few weeks. They will be on social media, and when they see that invite pop up for a live event, they will want to know what is happening!

If you have 30 people show up live and they share it with others, and then they can visit your FB page again and again, how many views can you have? WOW the number can really grow. (I know! I virtually launched my audiobook Pinpoints of Light and had over 600 views in two days on my launch video!).

Steps #5: Find a moderator for the FB live and PRACTICE a few times in the safety of your group so that you are ready.

This step comes next because the mediator is your right-hand man to make sure that the event runs smoothly. This means you can more easily attend to the people who live and fill them with the tips and key points of your book. The moderator is a huge support and help. Get together several times and practice going live in the safety of your group. Now you're probably asking, "When do I take action on this?" Do it well before you actually launch.

Steps #6: Ask for donations (links, eBooks, kindle books, or physical books from other authors)

This step is also important because it helps to showcase other authors, get more people to be online with you. Donations can range from eBooks, Free PDF, free books, other links, even gift cards. Asking for donations is particularly important because it serves others and brings light to all.

Steps #7: The moderate will need to have the amazon link, website link, and other links ready to drop into the comment box during the FB live.

Have the list of links ready for your moderator. May sure that the links work and are not “broken.” Pay particular attention to this so that everyone who joins live has the opportunity to know where to find your book, your program, your website and anything else you want to give to during the Launch.

Steps #8: Focus your Launch on how to serve others by sharing with them the top three tips/steps/etc. of your book.

Here's what you do with this. It is time to help your book shine! Remember that during your launch, you can serve and show up shining for their needs. Talk about all the BENEFITS that your book will give them (the readers), and why it is so important. If your book is a fiction or a children’s book, share the impact of the story and what the emotional connection will be with the reader.

Steps #9: Set up your decor, backdrop, lighting, and microphone. After all, you are LIVE!

Décor should match your theme. Lighting! I can’t emphasize this enough. If you have back lighting, your face will be in a shadow. If you have too much light on your face you become Casper the friendly Ghost. Practice balance the light and pay particular attention to this when you are practicing with your group. Finally, the microphone. If you are relying on your computer microphone, please use the earphones/ear buds to help make a clear recording and minimize the background noise. There is nothing worse than not being able to hear or see the host! Practice!

Steps #10: Moderator pick the winners on the giveaways

This means that the moderator collects the email address, and physical addresses of the participants. If anything needs to be shipped have them collect, it through use of private message. If the moderator is running everything in the background you can more easily address your topic and audience.

Steps #11: After all the Give-Aways and gifs, ask for a review from those who show up Live!

Reviews help to make more sales, and it is a simple process that will really help the author get to the next level. Following the launch, you can post the reviews and share with your tribe all the love and support you felt during the event. This is a testimony to your preparation and to your tribe sharing with the people.

Steps #12: Review and remind the attendees about three tips/key points, invites to the blog/website/amazon, and Congratulate the winners

This step is critical to your success because when they feel served, they will support and buy! Even though it is your book, when others at the party are uplifted and well fed, they are more willing to do more reviews and help you in later events like possibly voting for you for an Author Academy Award! Keep the totally Launch to under 30 minutes. I recommend 15-25 minutes. Once the FB live is complete, you can save and download the event and save it to your YouTube Channel and your Instagram TV.

WOW! Well, those are the 12 steps in a nutshell. If you're are an author who needed a kick start with Virtual Book Launch, then this article definitely got you off to a great start. The 12 steps we covered helped you get closer to your Virtual Book Launch goals and help you sell your book!

By the way, my new free 12 tip PDF summaries exactly "How to host a Launch during Social Distancing!” Every author who wants to sell their book should grab this free PDF here. ENJOY!


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