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Broken to Beautifully Whole

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Can we truly reduce the occurrence of depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Can we reclaim our purpose after hurts, setbacks, or trauma?

Cathy states,

“Yes we can! It is a process, yet it starts with a choice. A choice to take action and transform from feeling like a victim to reaching our best potentials.”

Sharing My Personal Story

Cathy continues, “I never thought I would share my very personal story in a book of suffering from long-term child sexual abuse, yet a conversation changed that. A conversation of why some suffer trauma and go on to live successful lives, and others suffer more; one person no better than another.”

That conversation laid on my mind and in my soul for weeks. Enough to start doing massive research, reflection, and introspection. I started writing down what I adapted into my life during my healing pilgrimage. Within my deep reflection, I came up with six attributes I developed into my daily living habits within my journey of trying to heal; the keyword here is “habits.”


Then the research began. After months of research, finally, my answer as to why some people reach more success and joy in life came. We can re-work the biology in our brain for our betterment. Hurt, setbacks, and trauma can leave imprints in our minds. Specifically adapted components can change that imprint!

“Those components act as lacquer pulling us back together, piece by piece, just like Kintsugi. Kintsugi is a Japanese art where they take broken and pull it back together with lacquered silver or gold. It comes with the philosophy that when something is broken, it can be repaired to become stronger and more beautiful whole. The cracks and our scars are meant to be highlighted, not hidden. A means of becoming whole again and embracing our imperfections. This means we raise our value and worth more than what we were before we were broken as become whole again.”

BOOK: Broken to Beautifully Whole

In Broken to Beautifully Whole, you will learn:

~ Why we must move through our hurts before it is possible to restore wholeness, experience lasting joy, and develop our true potentials.

~ Six attributes anyone can use to initiate healing while reducing depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

~ Practical actions to identify and eliminate sexual abuse tragedies.

The truth is…we are a little broken.

The gift is…we all can become whole again.

Together, we can break the silence, move through our trauma, and heal the pain…starting today!


One reader’s review,

“Author Cathy Studer’s story begins with the trauma of years of sexual abuse by her stepfather, yet it doesn’t end there. Step by step, she takes the reader through attributes that not only healed her, yet they are applicable not just to abuse survivors, but to anyone dealing with challenges who want to move towards wholeness. From encouragement to apply gratitude (as it increases happiness), to learning self-compassion over self-criticism, and to forgiveness to establish worth and joy. She offers all of this through practical advice and encouragement, “You have the choice to live with joy and purpose. You have the choice not to let the tragedy or trauma define you.”

This is wise words and advice from a survivor with not just a compelling story yet a voice of strength and hope for all.

The last two years have been hard on so many of us. Depression and anxiety have been rising as we were secluded and fearful of the pandemic, racial tensions, and socioeconomics’. Inevitable challenging situations are going to come at us. Why not add attributes into your life that make you stronger and happier?

Special offers:

~ Signed copy of Broken to Beautifully Whole for $13. Contact me at and mention code #specialoffer to get your copy.

~ Sign up now for the next virtual Broken to Beautifully Whole Workshop on January 31st and get early bird pricing of $50, which includes a signed copy of Broken to Beautifully Whole, supplies to create your unique piece of Kintsugi Art that you can frame, and a deep dive into the six attributes. Sit down with your laptop or Ipad, choice of snacks, and favorite beverage for a night of meaning, purpose, and fun!

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