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Domestic Violence is NOT a Women's Issue!

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

GUEST Blog Panel:

Please welcome C Dewyane Hinnet, Chris Schimel, and Scott Vinci. These men offer support, courage, and patience to help understand what happens in Domestic Violence and how to help in prevention and healing.


As a panel discussion, the focus is how MEN MAKE the DIFFERENCE. It is true. Men, it is time to stand and turn to your fellow brothers who are lost in a world of violence and help them to find the strength to love and protect, not control and forget. Men, you make the difference.

You hold the power to stop your fellow man from having control and power over another and turn him around. Help him to get help for his drive for power and control, to heal from his past, and to learn how to protect and provide. We are all on one team, the human team, and we must work together to free each other from the world's evils and turn them to light.

Join this panel, MEN MAKE the DIFFERENCE, on Oct 18th at 6:30 pm MDT. Your minds will be expanded, and your perspective might shift in a manner that you might not expect.


Because Domestic Violence is NOT a Women's Issue! It is a family issue. Most violence is Men on Women and Men to Men. Why is this? What is happening to our boys who grow up to be men? Let's as that question an many more to our panel on OCt 18th!

Gathering together a group of Men and discussing with them how they are key to helping their brothers change really puts the focus on the power of men and what they can do.

Domestic Violence is NOT a Women's Issue. It's a Man's, family, and society's issue.


Men who are Community supporters - Raised in a blended family by a physically and emotionally absent father and a distant overworked mother, my childhood was characterized by abandonment and a shattered self-image.

I was a victim of the most subtle and deceiving domestic violence: emotional trauma resulting in behaviors that seemed to have no basis. But then God showed up. Consequently, I have great empathy for people ravaged by domestic violence and living out behaviors that are ravaging our world.

He has shown me a scriptural pathway to healing and wholeness. Join me so we can help point people toward this healing and restoring pathway.

I desire to ask these amazing Men about their impact on helping stop DV from happening under their watch.

Chris Schimel. He has an amazing mission and story to share with us. “Imagine . . .the joy of truly living cleansed and walking free. It’s found in an Inside-Out Life. What is that? Let us show you.”

Men who are Community supporters - Raised in a blended family by a physically and emotionally absent father and a distant overworked mother, my childhood was characterized by abandonment and a shattered self-image.

C Dewayne Hinnant.

His Group helps women leave abuse and helps them to find safety and freedom. Dewayne says The Ripple Effect is about the long-term and lasting effects of Domestic Violence. It’s

a detailed pathology of what Domes

tic Violence looks like, how it starts, and how it affects everyone in the victim’s life, like children, family, and on a larger scale, the community. Most people only view Domestic Violence as an event between intimate partners, but it reaches farther than just one household.

This book will chronicle the ripple effects of Domestic Violence and how to identify possible victims. It also has what you can do to help someone who may be a victim. It’s not just a problem; it’s we problem.

Check out what Scott Vinci has to say!

Scott shares that if you are dating. in a relationship or someone who is beginning to have intimate relationships, you need to read this.

Over the course of ten years, the author collected his observations from more than 1200 domestic violence offenders and their intimate partners.

In "IF I HAD KNOWN," he reveals the word patterns and behaviors of abusive men, which indicate a propensity and disposition that leads to escalating abuse and potential violence in their intimate relationships.

This unique book reveals the signs and signals you want to be aware of so you can recognize the early warning signs to detect potential patterns of abuse to avoid getting involved with an abusive partner before you invest your time, energy, your resources, and your heart in a relationship with the potential for abuse, or to get out of an abusive relationship before it is too late.

The text includes an Abuse Escalation Ladder chart illustrating the increasing levels of abusive behavior from silence and non-disclosure to lethal violence and a thorough "Safe Escape" safe exit strategy, which describes specific steps to take to prepare and protect yourself if you need to leave. This book may save your life or the life of someone you know who is in an abusive relationship. It is a book you will want to read and share.

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