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Storytellers Change the World

By April Tribe Giauque

Did you know that "Story Tellers Change the World?"

Are you an Author with a story that has changed you and changed others who have read it? What about stories that are so powerful they end wars and free children?

Are you ready to take action on The Sound of Freedom movement? Do you want to help children fast and not have to start your own organization?

April Tribe Giauque here from the Beacon of Light Podcast. Guys, I was impacted last night. What am I talking about?—The movie The Sound of Freedom! I want to motivate every Author who wants to take action on the freedom movement and help children out of slavery (without having to start your own organization).

Let me explain…

Storytellers change the world. Stories with truth, even when that truth is SOOO hard to look at, need to be shared. You need to feel the connection, the joy, and the pain of a story so that you will take action.

What have been the stories, for good or bad, that have tried to change the world? We have a horror in our world today that can damage a child and rob them of their innocence and their lives. You are changed when you know the truth, even about the most horrifying events. Hopefully, the change carries enough power so that you take action. Otherwise, you are in denial and deceiving yourself of that truth.

So the Story I’m talking about is The Sound of Freedom! Please take these three STEPS to know how you can help share a true story by doing any of the following!

Step #1 - Pay It Forward With Angel Studios

Angel Studios, an American media company, and film distribution studio, has a Pay it forward opportunity. Remember, they are the studio that brought you “The Chosen.” They know that helping someone else to see the movie is powerful!

Question: How can you buy another ticket for someone to see it? YES!! Go to their Website and buy it for someone else and let’s pack the theaters! The more ticket sales, the more people it can touch, and the more lives can be changed. CLICK HERE

Next, Track share your progress in tickets sale and track the goal! Here is the link to see how many people are going to the movies and making it work! Angel has launched a new feature allowing you to track how many tickets they’ve sold and your personal contribution to Pay it Forward tickets here.

(Just an FYI, this film was shot five years ago, and Fox bought it. But then Fox was purchased by Mouse company, and they were not going to release it. Then the film’s director and producers got it from the Mouse hands, where Angel Studios acquired it).

Third, you can also join the OUR (Operation Underground Railroad) and give donations, and the Nazarene Fund and give donations here are the links for OUR Operation Underground Railroad and Glenn Beck’s Foundation the Nazarene Fund

Step #2 - Go To The Movies!

The Movie, The Sound of Freedom, is an experience because you are free from distractions, focused for a moment in time on a story, and impacted by the emotions that can come from your brain and heart receiving these messages.

PLEASE SEE The Sound of Freedom in the Theater! Experiencing it in the Movie Theaters as a community connects you to people who do the right thing. We are stronger when we stand together, and on this challenging topic, we must stand together

Step #3 - Storytellers Change the World

We started this article by saying, “Storytellers Change The World.” Well, it’s the truth! When Harriett Beacher Stow Met President Lincoln, he said, "You are the small woman with the big book.”

Her book became the movement that carried the voices to stop slavery and action that led to freedom for millions! That was released right in the heart matter, ready to make the change happen.

A story like Schindler's List is also powerful and sheds a lot of light on a very dark topic, but what would have happened if it could have been shown during the 1930s and early 40s? Lives would have been saved!

What about The Sound of Freedom? These horrific acts against children are happening today, and the bad guys are getting away with it because there is an agenda to keep sexualizing children, allowing them to give content younger and younger, and it is in the fabric of society now. The TAKE AWAY from the Movie?? GOD's Children Are Not for SALE.


Tim Ballard is fighting the bad guys each day. The Actor, Jim Caviezel, plays Tim Ballard, and he brings the story out for the darkest places to make sure that LIGHT shines! This visual storytelling experience is powerful!

My friend John-Michael Lander has a power program to help WARN parents about these BAD guys called

Predatory Internet Grooming and how to FIGHT BACK! He is a HERO!! He has taken action and will share this with our Unite in Light DV Awareness Conference Oct 2023!

So, here are the big takeaways for every Author from today's Taking Action on The Sound of Freedom Movement on the Beacon of Light Podcast Episode:

  1. TAKE ACTION by Buying a Ticket for Someone on

  2. Go to the Movies and meet your community and people who are taking action and join and donate to OUR and the Nazarene Fund,

  3. Tell and share the story! Stories lead us to action and be brave and share the story. Fight these predators, and protect your family because GOD's Children Are Not for SALE

Forever Shining!

April T Giauque, the mother of nine children, is a published author, empowerment speaker, writing coach, and Ghostwriter. Her first published work, Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse, is her heroine's story of escaping abuse with her five children. Her second, Out of Darkness, is her healing journey that followed.

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