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You are Unique!

Guest Blog by Miri Grunhaus

You are unique, not despite your circumstances but because of them!

Miriam Grunhaus shares how the Japanese art of Kintsugi – mending broken pottery with lacquer and gold- catapulted her onto a healing path after her irreparable heartbreak. For two years, she interviewed “Thrivers,” women who had faced tremendous and varied adversity, to learn the commonalities of their journeys from despair and brokenness to healing and wholeness.

Miriam gleaned Ten Golden Nuggets from those interviews, which are essential to uncovering joy in adversity. Miriam’s heart is healed, and she offers this book to provide the resilience tools you need to traverse the valleys of life and rise up on mountains of joy.

You should read Heal with Gold if:

· You have felt broken by your experiences

· You are still healing from adversity

· You are ready to do the work to become more joyful

· You want to become more resilient to face any adversities life may bring in a more productive manner

There is no way around pain and suffering; it is as much a part of life as happiness and joy. How we react to our adversities is something we can control. You will benefit from this reading if the goal is to rebound faster from life’s punches and use our gained wisdom for a good purpose.

Miriam’s Story

After going through many ups and downs throughout her journey, life brought her to her knees when she experienced a loss of living. Not knowing how to overcome the deep pain, she went on a journey of self-discovery, interviewing women who had gone through deep pain and sorrow but were thriving. These women consider themselves joyful; they are not hiding in shame. Quite the contrary, they are vocal and sharing their experiences for the benefit of others. Miriam wanted to find out:

1. Is there joy after feeling broken beyond repair?

2. Is resilience something that can be learned, or are the women who overcame it innately resilient?

Is there something in common between the women who are thriving?

· Top 10 changes all the Thrivers interviewed applied to their lives to become joyful again

· Vignettes about the lives of some of the women interviewed

· Actionable examples in each area

· A call to action for you to start your own transformation

Endorsed by Tal Ben Shachar – New York Times Best Seller of Happier, Founder Happiness Studies Academy, and most sought-after professor at Harvard:

“Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Miriam embarked on a journey to find her own healing and joy. She has culled the wisdom of women who have thrived after tragedy and shares these lessons to heal others and guide them to a joy-filled life. This book is a gem!”

Pick up your copy of Heal with Gold and build your resilience arsenal to overcome any adversity life may bring because it is not a matter of if adversity will strike but when. Live a Kintsugi life, and you will live a joyful one.

How to connect with Miri:

Join us Tuesday Night, Aug 22, 2023, at 6:30 pm MDT I can’t wait to see you there.

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