Overview of Beacon of Light Writes Services

Do you have a story buried deep inside you that is screaming to come out?

Do you know that your purpose is for others to read your work and have it impact the world?

Have you been lost in the entanglement of words and need to find a way to get your masterpiece created?

Beacon of Light Writes Services is here to help you!

Beacon of Light Writes Services are the following:

Ghostwriting: I take your story into my head, through my heart,  and out of my hands to create your masterpiece.

Writing Coaching: I take your trauma, abuse, and pain story (TAP) and empower you to write your masterpiece.


Editing Services: 

1) Developmental Editing: Structures, road maps, and direction for your book

2) Line Editing: Flow and emotional connection for your reader

3) Copy Editing: Clean it up and make it shine.

This page will explain my services and how we can best communicate and connect so that your future book will be in your hands and it can impact the millions it was written for. I can't wait to serve you! 

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I bring your story to my head, into my heart and through my hands.

Writing Coaching

I help you structure the story, emotionally connect with the reader, and give it continuity.

Editing Services

Developmental Editing                                      

Line Editing                                                         

Copy Editing                                                       

I help you present a polished masterpiece.

I provide the following services to give you far more than any ghostwriting company or marketplace can offer – and save you money in the process.

  • Quality manuscripts ready to emotionally connect with your reader.

  • Ghostwriting, editing and writing coaching

  • I offer 3 levels of Ghostwriting: Service level, Purpose, Empowerment Levels

  • I offer Fiction, nonfiction, and memoir Ghostwriting, writing coaching, and Editing

  • Guidance (at no charge) in selecting your publishing options.

  • Step-by-step advice (free of charge) on how and where to submit your work.

  • Free 45 minutes Consultation to discuss your project

April Tribe Giauque


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