Overview of Beacon of Light Writes Services

Do you have a story buried deep inside you that is screaming to come out?

Do you know that your purpose is for others to read your work and have it impact the world?

Have you been lost in the entanglement of words and need to find a way to get your masterpiece created?

How do you share your work with others?

What words do you use to draw your clients and customers in? 

Do you have Copywriting needs? Like you stink at it and you need supports? 

I am a WRITER for HIRE!

Ghostwriting: I take your story into my head, through my heart,  and out of my hands to create your masterpiece

1) Nonfiction/Fiction: Across different genre from books to blogs to articles

2) Marketing Support: Writing copy to help you with your Social Media needs

3) Organized structures to help you set your book, blog, article on the right path.

4) Questions and Interviews through Zoom and phone calls to capture your voice, your words, and the heart of your story.

Editing Services: 

1) Developmental Editing: Structures, road maps, and direction for your book

2) Line Editing: Flow and emotional connection for your reader

3) Copy Editing: Clean it up and make it shine.

4) Proof Reading: Reading for Clarity 

5) Absentee Writer Editing Services: That is where the writer writes the work and turns in the manuscript, and desires the structure and editing work to be completed for them.

Writing Coaching in the Writing Lab: I take your trauma, abuse, and pain story (TAP) and empower you to write your masterpiece.

1) Book Structures for Fiction and Nonfiction

2) Show not Tell the Story:  for both fiction and nonfiction. 7 part course that will cover a range and challenges that many writers struggle with (adverbs, sensory words, strong verbs, metaphors, smilies, body language, dialogue, and tense).

3) 17 traps writers  I make you aware of the pitfalls lead you to 17 solutions.

4) Accountability I help you set writing goals, meet weekly so you can see the progress. This is for the length of your project or what we agree on.


1) Copywriting for: emails, landing pages, headlines/hooks, articles, funnels, etc

2) Book Launches: virtual and live events

3) Book into Program: Take your knowledge and your influence and coach others on your systems Fiction and Nonfiction.

Conferences and Retreats: This is in our future and future planning for the end of 2025. 

This page will explain my services and how we can best communicate and connect so that your future book will be in your hands and it can impact the millions it was written for. I can't wait to serve you! 

The Graphic will show the complete ideas---and some are saved for the future 

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I provide the following services to give you far more than any ghostwriting company or marketplace can offer – and save you money in the process.

  • Check out the visual and you can see 4 are ready to roll with our 5th in the planning stage! 

  • Quality manuscripts ready to emotionally connect with your reader.

  • Ghostwriting, editing and writing coaching.

  • I offer 3 levels of Ghostwriting: Service level, Purpose, Empowerment Levels.

  • I offer Fiction, nonfiction, and memoir Ghostwriting, writing coaching, and Editing

  • MARKETING and COPYWRITING for of your Needs! (Including Virtual Book Launch supports).

  • Guidance (at no charge) in selecting your publishing options.

  • Step-by-step advice (free of charge) on how and where to submit your work.

  • Free 45 minutes Consultation to discuss your project.

April Tribe Giauque


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