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April Tribe Giauque

I am a Ghostwriter, editor, and podcaster. 

I am also a victor over Domestic Violence and walk a healing journey

I bring your story to light. 

Income, impact, and influence are the result.  

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Beacon Of Light Podcast

Beacon of Light Podcast Guests:

Mission: Beacon of Light Podcast Amplifies Your Message of Hope to the World.


Why Beacon of Light? It is that pinprick of light that calls mariners to follow it. Light from a Lighthouse stretches out towards a mariner in the form of a pinpoint. As they follow the light, it becomes a focal point to help guide them to safety. As they get closer to safety, they can see the power of the pinpoint growing into a Beacon of light.

Authors, you have a message that can reach the right person at the right time. Your story of hope does that. I merely serve you by holding my Beacon of Light Podcast lens/mirror to amplify your light!

BEACON of LIGHT PODCAST is LIVE every Tuesday at 6:30 pm Mountain on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, and ANCHOR.

OUt of Darkness 

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Ever wonder how to find healing after going through sexual and domestic violence abuse? How do you find healing in the busyness of life? What about healing as if your life depended on it—because it does? 

Well, Let me tell you a quick story…

  • I left an abusive marriage and remarried years later to an incredible man.

  • We now had nine children, and everything was on the up and up! Right? Well, not really.


Then, something happened that changed my life forever. 

  • I was folding laundry and listening to a podcast when the guest shared a story about the birth of her son. 

  • As a mother of nine children, I immediately connected to her story. 

  • She said something that shook me to my core.

  • “I looked at my newborn son and loved him unconditionally—he hadn’t even DONE anything. He was ENOUGH because he had LIFE!”

  • I remember sobbing into the fresh laundry—my kids thought I had lost it— knew I needed to write the SECOND book.


That was the spark I needed.

  • I praised God and thanked him sincerely.

  • I found myself running back to the house, grabbing my notebook, and frantically scribbling out the divine download the Lord was giving me. 

  • After 3 hours, I had the outline. 


Here’s what happened next. 

  • I grabbed the planner and mapped out my writing schedule. 

  • I found and labeled the “Comfort Cage, Learning Zone, the Vulnerability Prism, and Recovery Road” and what impact they had on me;

  • I knew the impact it could have on the women who needed healing from their abuse. 

  • And in three weeks of intense writing, I completed my book, Out of Darkness. 

  • I published it one month after that!


What I'd like you to take away from all this is. 

  • As you read the pages, you will find your comfort cage, how you built it, and how you can dismantle it. 

  • Follow the promptings you get and take action!

  • ALL are WORTHY to be healed! 

  • People depend on you to find your light so that you can turn and amplify the light of the world. 

  • You are never to blame for the circumstances and abuse you have experienced, but it is your full responsibility to heal from it and not fall victim to it.

How do you escape the abyss of abuse?  One pinpoint at a time. 1 in 3 women will suffer from domestic violence, and I was one of those 3 women.  Journey with me on how I went from dusk to darkness, to dawn, to full day in escaping the mental, emotional, and physical abuse from my first marriage.  There is always hope because there is always Light! 

Buy the book today to find your light! 



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