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I speak, fuel, & empower Light to individuals from the stage and my podcast. I coach others how to use their trauma, abuse, pain (TAP) story to heal. I am a Ghostwriter writing your story to have the power to connect us all. 


How do you escape the abyss of abuse?  One pinpoint at a time. 1 in 3 women will suffer from domestic violence, and I was one of those 3 women.  Journey with me on how I went from dusk to darkness, to dawn, to full day in escaping the mental, emotional, and physical abuse from my first marriage.  There is always hope because there is always Light! 

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South Dakota


Safe Harbor

Moab Utah

New Mexico

Domestic Violence Awareness and Action Event 

Unite in Light   FREE VIRTUAL EVENT!! 

brings awareness and offers action steps over six days to stand and change Domestic Violence through the following topics:

1) Red Flags in Relationships

2) Domestic Violence Prevention: Boys and Men Against Violence

3) Entrepreneurship; Stepping into Real Freedom

4) Community Involvement

5) Exit Plans

6) Healing Journey

October 1st, 7th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and 28th Streamyard Broadcasts are at 7:30 pm central time Live on my FB Profile April Tribe Giauque

October 1st, Shareene K Rice (Red Flags in Relationships)

October 7th, Myra Gerst Safe Harbor Crisis Center (Domestic Violence Prevention: Boys and Men Against Violence)

October 12th, Pinpoints Across America Panel: Jody Almond, Lori Choinski, Jorrie J Jones, Crystal Waltman, Mary Welsh (Community Involvement)

October 19th, Audrey May Prosper (Entrepreneurship; Stepping into Real Freedom

October 26th, Dorothea Thea Robinson (Exit Plans)

October 28th, April Tribe Giauque (Healing Journey)

Our Mission: We are light. We shine in the darkness to bring hope to shattered families and communities by teaching that prevention, action, and healing are possible!

Special Education

Out of Darkness

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You can't Shine as you Shelter in the darkness

Through this book, you will find your healing journey

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