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Preview of Socail Skills Curriculum  


Advocating has two parts: 1) personal understanding of advocating and 2) expression of advocating.  These two skills break down as understanding your own strengths and needs, looking at your personal goals, knowing your rights and responsibilities and then 2) it is telling others about these needs.  It takes assertiveness which is to be confident without being aggressive and knowing when to approach the right people, situation, and timing is what this lesson is going to help the student accomplish.


My son, Garrett, has been practicing this skill.  Here is a visual poster that he posted on his door to help ensure that his younger siblings don't come into his art studio/bedroom and destroy his work.  It has been helping, he will point to the picture and sign "no" and "destroy" to Marianne.  She understands the communication and will only enter his room once he has agreed.


Garrett's skills in communication have increased every year and his ability to understand and acquire more language has been a huge support in him learning how to advocate.


***Curriculum to hit the market Summer 2018.  All work original from the Author: April T Giauque.  Copyright

Garrett's advocacy visual poster 
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