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BASE: Foundations
How can BASE: Building Advanced Social Education help you?

How can BASE: Building Advanced Social Education help you?


Have you ever had to tell a student NO before?  Have you seen students crumble, whine, and cry over it?  Or have you seen students struggle, cry, and melt down because they lacked perspective?  For example the student was told no, got the "wrong" snack, lost their pencil, or someone wouldn't play with them and then the tears and emergency behaviors start?  Do you want to stop that from happening over and over again? Then the BASE Foundations is for you!


This book is the foundation social skills curriculum with 18 lessons for students who demonstrate emergency behaviors, or display difficulty interacting with peers or others during different settings and multiple times throughout the day.  These 18 lessons are intended to provide intensive support quickly, and do not need to be taught in sequential order. The target skills in these lessons only require two days to teach, practice, coach, and assess, but may take up to a few weeks to master, based on the needs of the students.  There is even a Home Connection for the parents with each lesson to maximize learning across a variety of settings!

BASE incorporates the reading of children’s books to support social skill instruction.  With each lesson there is a book list that the teacher or parent can choose to read with their child to expose them to a variety of social interactions. Children’s books have many social interactions with each story and each part of the book represents a snapshot of social interaction that range from non-verbal cues to safety conditions and self-regulation. “Social skills intervention that is carefully planned, implemented, and scaffold into the curriculum presents a greater opportunity for learning than does incidental social skills instruction” (Anderson 2000), and children’s books can give this support. 


Finally, the BASE has an ASSESSMENT component so you can track the results of the student's learning!  You will have the tools in your hand to see if students are making progress and gains  you hope to see.  BASE also offers surveys for teachers, students and parents!  Watch your students make social skills progress and have the data to prove it!  As a bonus, BASE offers IEP goal banks for you to build a custom goal for you student and ways to track the data and evidence throughout it!


BASE’s Foundation curriculum is structured as follows:

  • 18 two-day lessons

  • 1 skill per lesson

  • Visual character support (to be used when age appropriate)

  • Vocabulary

  • Video modeling

  • Social story

  • Assessment

  • Home connection newsletter to support learning across all settings

Purchase the BASE Foundations and watch your students gain social skills, decrease their behaviors, and lower their anxiety so that they can have successful social interactions with others.

Samples from the Book
Sample of social skills taught
Sample Lesson Plan
Social Story Example
Sample of Assessment Scoring
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