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Domestic Violence Conference 

UnitE in Light 2023
(Click HERE for DETAILS)

Every Tuesday & Thursday Nights
6:30 pm Mountain Time

October 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, & 26 

We are all Light. When we Unite the Light inside us, we amplify power, energy, and love to others. Changing the face of Domestic Violence starts with shining a light on the subject, holding tough conversations, and choosing to change, heal, and GET REAL!




All events will be broadcast through Streamyard on my FB group "Beacon of Light Podcast" and through my Youtube Channel, April Tribe Giauque Beacon of Light. Tune in to the night that will help you, or tune into Each NIGHT!

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Meet the Speakers

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Ivette Lee
Oct 3rd Prevention

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Trisha Fowler
Oct 5th
Red Flags

Unveiling the sinister connection between serial killers and Satan, my book offers insights to prevent all forms of evil and abuse through the spiritual armor of God. 


Ivette Lee is a Published Author. She is a Special Needs Advocate, Consultant, and mother of two children. 


Ms. Lee has a degree in teaching and training in marriage and family therapy counseling from Fresno State University. Ms. Lee has a passion for human behavior and seeks to help others have a positive outlook, no matter their struggle. 


Her first published work on serial crime precedes decades of research in the life of serial killers. Ms. Lee has been corresponding and analyzing the serial killer's mind and acts of crime to find the answer we have all asked: are serial killers born or bred? 


The Satan Model: Exposing the Link Between Serial Killers and Satan explains this long over-due cause of evil. In 2020, Ms. Lee received recognition as one of the top ten finalists of the Author Academy Awards (AAE) for her literary merit and publishing excellence. Ms. Lee has plans to venture into different genres and will be writing and completing the second edition of The Satan Model in 2024.

Domestic Violence Prevention 

1. Educate yourself 

2. Trust your instincts 

3. Develop healthy boundaries and Remember putting on the armor of God also involves seeking spiritual guidance and relying on your faith to guide you in making wise decisions and discerning the truth. 


Three immediate steps you can take are: Reflect and evaluate, Seek Support, and take action (rather than be acted upon). 

Armor Up!

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Andrea Jones
Oct 10th
Move Through Trauma

Andrea S. Jones, author of the #1 Best Seller "I Am Not Your Prey" and host of the Live Fearless Summit, has captivated audiences worldwide with her remarkable story of triumph over shame and worthlessness.


With appearances on influential platforms such as K-Praise, Frontline Radio, and the empowering Shine365 show, Andrea has become a voice, shedding light on the enduring impact of trauma.


As a survivor of child sexual abuse and domestic violence, she intimately understands the lasting effects that trauma can inflict. Andrea guides us to confront our own broken places, shedding the false narratives that have shaped our identities. 


Listen to understand, Let go of timelines (healing is on it's own timeline), Shed the labels

"Unleashing Resilience-Finding the skills, courage, and strength to take flight with broken wings."

1. Most Important-Find a support person that you can rely on.

2. Understand that labels can partner us with lies. aka Victim, Abused, Powerless

3. Identify Triggers-Know what sounds, smells, words, and situations bring you a sense of stress, anxiety or discomfort.

I'm Not Your PRey

I-Am-Not-Your-Prey_ebook-cover_IS_2023-01-09 - Andrea Jones.jpg

Minister Patricia Fowler, born and raised in Washington DC, became a licensed and ordained Minister in December 2014.


She was in a 10-year marriage that was abusive and resulted in having three sons. Once she got out of her situation and went through counseling and healing, she began to speak on Domestic Violence and made it her mission to help other women avoid going down the same road that she did. 


She is a 5-time author, working on her 6th. In 2021 she formed Pure Heart Advocacy and Awareness LLC, and in 2023, she formed Pure Hearts Restored, Inc. 501(c)(3) to work towards helping survivors and victims of Domestic Violence. She has spoken on the steps of the DC Capitol and many other places. She aims to educate and bring awareness to all her voice can reach.


Broken no More!!! As a Domestic Violence Educator, my goal is to reach and teach women about how to be aware of the signs of domestic violence.

1. Be able to recognize red flags, 

2. Know what steps to take to avoid, 

3. Have resources to call for help.

My book will tell you some of the red flags I saw in my marriage that I ignored. It will also help you see that you can save yourself some heartache and pain when you follow your gut or instinct. I want the book to help many young women get into relationships to avoid going down a road of pain and heartache.


Broken no More!!! As a Domestic Violence Educator, my goal is to teach women how to be aware of the signs of domestic violence.

Red Flags

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Melinda Kunst
Oct 1th

Melinda Kunst shares her journey of escaping an abusive relationship to inspire hope in others. She now advocates for victims/Survivors of emotional traumas by empowering women and men to break free from negative patterns and beliefs that are holding them back from having a life free from abuse. Melinda Kunst is an author, speaker, domestic abuse advocate, hope dealer, and hula-hooping momma. She is also the host of the Hope When There Is None podcast. Melinda is passionate about helping women find self-empowerment, self-respect, and self-love.


Creating a transformative path that can lead you from the depths of despair to freedom from abuse. 

"From Surviving to Thriving: A Story of Courage and Resilience in the Face of Domestic Abuse."

1) I recognized the relationship I was in was not going to change. 

2) I took a leap of faith and started planning my escape. 

3) I began a process of healing body, mind, and spirit.

1) Know you don't have to go through this alone. Talk to a trusted friend/relative/or licensed professional. 

2) Distance yourself from those that are toxic in your life. 

3) Start keeping track of where you are wasting your time so you can stop procrastinating on a new hobby, self-care, or fitness so you can begin taking actionable steps to begin a new habit. (Social media, Streaming, Gaming, etc...)

Breaking Chains, Building Hope: Empowering Awareness for Domestic Abuse

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John-Michael Lander
Oct 17th

Predatory Internet Grooming

John-Michael Lander is the Voice for the Voiceless and the founder of An Athlete’s Silence. As an athlete, he silently endured sexual abuse and trafficking from the adults entrusted with this training while winning gold medals at the Norway and Danish Cups.


He broke his silence with the TedTalk, “An Athlete’s Silence” and developed the Predatory Grooming Trifecta© and Predatory Internet Grooming© (PIG).


He has been interviewed for TIME and the George Clooney Productions Company’s documentary about the Ohio State/Dr. Strauss Sex Scandal. He has two novels, Surface Tension and Cracked Surface.


As a certified Trainer and Coach for The Self-Talk Institute, John-Michael is passionate about helping people overcome trauma, change their thinking, and change their lives.

Protect your child from Predatory Internet Grooming.


Only 15% of parents know what their child is doing online. (Slow this down, let it land) I am John-Michael Lander, a former Olympic diving contender and sexual abuse survivor.


I was groomed by the adults entrusted with my training. I know shame, guilt, and fear to report. Since my experience, online grooming has become an epidemic. So, I have devised Predatory Internet Grooming, or PIG, so parents and children can comprehend the issues of this online crisis. Over 500,000 predators attempt to contact children, ages 12-17, daily through the internet. These predators use AI and GROOMING to establish an online relationship with a child and sways that child to share explicit photos and videos.


Reports show that males are easier to connect with, manipulate, and blackmail, and predators are banking on males not to report. 3 Simple Things Parents can do to protect their children from PIG

1. Talk with your child about PIG

2. Ask your child if they visit and participate in online games, chatrooms, or other social media.

3. Limit the time your child spends online. Help protect your child against PIG, it is not the child’s fault.

John's books

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Sunni Hearin
Oct 19th
Freedom & Finances

Break free from fear and confusion by making money as a side hustle. Money is the tool to help you get free and stay free. It helps you provide for your family and stay out of DV. 

Ask yourself this questions: What if you could go live and sell your products in record time?


I show business owners and entrepreneurs how to go live make more sales selling physical products using the internet.

1. Identify Goods or Services To Sell

2. Know where and how to sell them around the web

3. Know what to say to sell them successfully

I show business owners and entrepreneurs how to go live and make more sales selling physical products using the internet.

I know how to help people take their product, and your money in simple ways to help make a side hustle that will give you money for your family. 


L.I.V.E Process: a 4-step framework that allows people to: L: Lead Generate I: Invite V: Victory! Go Live E: Evolve with products.

Sunni is passionate about showing business owners the power of implementing Live Selling in their business so they can generate more leads and sales using social media and automation. She has generated over $650,000 to date for her clients using this method.

LIVE Selling Secrets

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Elizabeth Rachel
Oct 24th
Healing from Within


My name is Elizabeth Billingsley. I have been a public health nurse for 17 years. I took up writing again in 2015 after the death of my husband to tell my story. I have written two books, and I am currently working on a third book.


I also blog on my website at I also enjoy travel, movies, art, reading, writing (of course), and spending time with family and friends. I am a cat mom to an adorable kitty named Mando who gets into everything. Favorite past time: reading or walking on the beach.

The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, and Everything In Between.


Love has already won! The Light shone on the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it.

Step 1: Acknowledge the abuse was not your fault and you are not responsible for the abuser.

Step 2: Let go of the need to control other's perceptions of your life and decisions.

Step 3: Tell your story. The Light shines into the darkness when we speak truth about evil.

The Road Less Traveled  

TRLT cover photo - Beth Billingsley.jpg
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April T Giauque
Oct 26th
Ultimate Supporter

Trapped. I was in Domestic Violence for 9.5 with no hope of getting out—the abyss.

The abyss of abuse is different for everyone, but the one thing in common is the deep, dark inky mess. There is no hope but for a pinpoint of light. 

Now, who brought that light to you? Where did it come from?

Are you going to follow it? 

It was lit for your ultimate supporter.  I had family, a first responder, and a complete stranger who became the pinpoints in my life. 

How many of you have watched friends, family, or co-workers countless times in abusive relationships and not know what to do? You, too, can shine that light and help.

Be pinpoint! Become the Ultimate Supporter!

Pinpoints of Light
Out of Darkness

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Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 1.28.04 PM.png

UNITE IN LIGHT 2021-2022
Domestic Violence Conference 

      Meet the Speakers Unit in Light 4th Annual Conference!

  • October 3rd: Ivette Lee Domestic Violence Prevention

  • October 5th: Trisha Fowler Red Flags in Relationships

  • October 10th:  Andrea JonesMoving through and beyond trauma

  • October 12th: Melinda Kunst  Healing from Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Abuse

  • October 17th: John-Michael Lander Predatory Internet Grooming

  • October 19th: Sunni Hearin Business and Making Money

  • October 24th: Elizabeth Rachel Healing from within

  • October 26th: April T Giauque Ultimate Supporter

UNITE IN LIGHT 2020-2021
Domestic Violence Conference 

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