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Inclusion Classroom Consulting

Do you have students that you deal with? Don't deal, but rather, build relationships! Instead ask, "Who's in? Who's involved socially and emotionally?"


Learn inclusion classroom strategies & social supports to help build relationships and maintain predictability/ stability for your students. Communication is key to build trust! Who's in? Everyone!


Inclusion Classrooms: 1 day training (7 hours), or 2 half days training (3.5 hours each day)

  • Hourly rate for small groups (10 or less)

  • Group Rates for Larger Groups (11-30)

  • District Rates (30+)

  • Contact April to learn about hourly rates, small group pricing, and larger group pricing.


I felt inspired and supported with April's training!  I knew I was doing things right, and April validated my teaching.--Marie, Texas

I felt that her training helped from pre-K-12th grades!  I can apply this in any grade in any classroom.  Why?  Because it is all about relationships! --Colton, Texas

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