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Asking for Help

Book:  The Selfish Crocodile   by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry

How to Ask for help:

Everyone has needs all throughout their day, and sometimes we might not know how to start or what exactly to ask for help for.  As a mother and a teacher I see my children ask me for help.  They will say, “I need help”, and that is a start, however I always follow it up with questions:

1) how do you want me to help?  2)  Where do you need help?  Or 3)  why do you need help?  Practicing how to initiate a question takes some thinking.  It also takes some practicing the question in your head in order to organizing your thoughts, then it's time for speaking. 

Here are some skills to practice:

  1. Initiate: a starting place.  

  2. Practice thinking about what you are going to say before you say it

  3. Organize your thoughts

  4. Speak what you practiced  and ask for help when you get stuck



Initiate: beginning, to start something

Organizing your thoughts: thinking, practicing your thoughts, then speaking them

Raise hands: signal to others that you need some help


BOOK:  The Selfish Crocodile


In this book you will see that the crocodile who needs help struggles to ask for it.  A little mouse helps him out.  Talk with your children about how the crocodile would have received help faster if he would have asked for help.

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