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As a Ghostwriter, it is vital to share my work with you. If I am the right ghostwriter to amplify your story to impact your audience, my writing will connect with you. 

  • My focus is on the story.

  • I take your experience (whether it was traumatic, beautiful, or you think nothing special) and connect it to the heart of your audience.

  • I specialize in memoir, self-help, general nonfiction, and spiritual.


Check out some of the work below. 

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Jonily Zupancic

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I'm Jonily Zupancic. I have been trying to write my book for about 5 years—yes, that's right—I said five years.  Each time I would start, I would get stuck and not know how to write.  

Now, as far as speaking goes—not to fear— I have all the words I to teach. That is how I make my living; however, I need that extra boost to figure out how to make the book a reality.

April was that boost! She captured the words through the interviews, meetings, and my notes, and then produced a book that captured what had escaped me for a half-decade.


Check out the sample of my book Making Mathineers see how she helped pull the stories that I had deep down to help the world understand the power of math. 

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Stacey Lucas

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I'm Stacy Lucas. Writing my book was a daunting task for me. I didn’t know where to begin or how to transfer my thoughts into a book.


April listened with an open heart and in almost no time my story was coming to life. The best part was April not only encouraged me along the way but she also stepped into the trenches right along with me until the final period was put on paper.


If you have a story to tell but are struggling to write it, do not give up, April will transfer your thoughts into words for all to read. 

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Cecile Bibawy

To say it was a joy to work with April would be an understatement. With utmost professionalism, she connects with her clients' stories.


Her outstanding insight helped me bring my story into the light the way my soul yearned to tell it. That alone was amazing, but there's more.


As an editor, she has a keen ability to catch the missing pieces and inconsistencies that I didn't see until she pointed them out. She helped me develop the story further by filling in the gaps and rearranging it for clarity and depth. More than an editor, April is a soul-writer.

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Julie Brown

To say I was stuck would be an understatement. I started my writing journey in 2013, more than seven years ago. I knew that I had a story, I just could not bring the word or the confidence up to get it really started.

A dear friend recommended April to me. Following our introduction, I knew that she had what I was missing: the confidence and the accountability to complete the book that had been lingering inside for far too long.

I know how to help you get out of the financial crisis, and now I have the book to help you as well. I'm in the final editing stages of the book and publication is within my sight! 

Here is a chapter sample for you.

M Louise Pistole

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To say it is a joy to work with April would be correct! 

I am a Joy-Fanatic. April helped me to write my book called Discover Your Joy.  We are finished, and I can't believe the joy this process has brought me. 


April has helped me capture the daily splashes of inspiration for living an abundant life of happiness, blessings, and inner peace because this is what I bring to the world with my book. 

April has helped me with the book, coaching and speaking, I can now help women find their joy no matter the circumstances. Need Joy? Start here!

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Angela Witczak

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My name is Angela Witczak. I spent two years writing my book when I realized that I needed something more than the words in my head. That's where April comes in! I called April out of pure desperation and fear that my book was total garbage. She was able to calm my fears and help me organize my thoughts into coherent sentences. 


She was there, every single time I sent her something and said, "I think this is crap, can you help?" and she assured me it wasn't! She reorganized my words, thoughts and paragraphs into a beautiful masterpiece I am truly proud of. 

I am sure that I would still be fumbling around with the words in my head if I wouldn't have called April to ask for help. She really has been a light in the darkness when it came to finishing my book!

Melissa Hammerling

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My name is Melissa Hammerling. My book is called "The Secrets Behind Closed Doors."  I spent three years writing my book when I realized that I needed supports. I became ill and needed to know how to get my words out there before it was too late.

That's when I saw April talking to a friend of mine on a DV Facebook site, and I thought, Why not?


I knew my story was powerful, but I needed shape and direction. I needed a ghostwriter. I was also in much pain when I first wrote it. It was very victim-ish, so I knew that I needed to have more than I did. 


April helped me organize my thoughts into coherent sentences, paragraphs and soon, we had a structured 14 chapter story with farewells, changed names, a theme throughout, and hope to give to anyone who has had a life of abuse as I have. 

My book is my lasting legacy. My book needed to tell the story of evil and stop abuse for young women everywhere. I needed my children to know that I love them and that this legacy is theirs.


I hope one day that the women who read it will know that all of it is true and that the pain is accurate, the forgiveness requests run deep, and that no matter what, keep F$%King Going!


April helped me to do that; I know she can for you. 

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