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Beacon of Light Podcast Guests:


Mission: Beacon of Light Podcast Amplifies Your Message of Hope to the World.


Why Beacon of Light? Light from a Lighthouse stretches out towards a mariner in the form of a pinpoint. It is that pinprick of light that calls mariners to follow it. As they follow the light, it becomes a focal point to help guide them to safety. As they get closer to safety, they can see the power of the pinpoint growing into a Beacon of light. 


Why Light? Light is both a particle and a wave. That means it can be reflected and amplified. How? Light is reflected, and the wave is intensified with mirrors, prisms, and lenses to amplify it. The wave is stretched, and yet the light does not thin—it maintains its brightness and is, in fact, amplified. Lighthouses use this method to shoot the light of an oil lamp to beam up to 20 miles! That is true power. 


Your Message: I believe in the power of hope! Whether you write children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, religious, memoir, or self-help books, the message is HOPE! I believe that authors have harnessed that power and can give it to so many people. For the audience, investing in a $20 book is the cheapest way to invest in their healing, character development, business skills, life, etc. Authors, you have a message that can reach the right person at the right time. Your story of hope does that. I merely serve you by holding my Beacon of Light Podcast lens/mirror to amplify your light! 


Service Opportunity: As a guest on the podcast, I ask you to JOIN THE PINPOINTS ACROSS AMERICA TEAM! Pinpoints Across America is a service opportunity for you to share two copies of my FREE book Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse to a shelter near you. 


Why?—to give HOPE to the hopeless and cast LIGHT to slice through the darkness. Buying a copy of my book for less than $20 from Amazon will bless the lives of others.  That is an amazing investment. 

Benefits: Beacon of Light Podcast guests who have taken Pinpoints of Light to their local shelters have experienced even more exposure to their work, and more blessings have come to them as a result. Many guests have even donated a copy of their own book along with Pinpoints, thus growing the shelter’s lending libraries. 

Please share your experiences with us in our Facebook group, Beacon of Light: Pinpoints Across America. The goal is to share HOPE, Light, help free millions of women.  We have 11,000 shelters left to go. 


Want to be a GUEST?  Here is the Google Form to fill out for the show. 

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