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Pinpoints of Light MOVIE

It has the fear factor of Sleeping with the Enemy brilliance of Rainman mixed with the mental illness of A Beautiful Mind.

Oppressive psychotic darkness of mental, emotional, and physical abuse surrounds her and the five children. He weaves in and out of the reality of his mind teasing and pulling them deeper into the abyss—suffocating until no hope is left—but for a pinpoint of light. 

What is Pinpoints of Light

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Against all odds: April is entering into a faith-filled marriage, believing they are on the same team with the same dream. And they are, at first. No one can warn her or her husband of what darkness lurks in the depths of her husband’s mental illness.


He is not even aware. Trauma from his childhood was not cared for or healed. It fed the psychotic beast that lurked beneath the surface of her husband for over a decade. At age 25, it awakened, and his Mind Friends (whom he fears and loves) surfaced to control him, controlling her and the young children in the family.


However, they take the power of the drugs and heighten their control over him. How will she find her way out of his brilliantly interwoven drug-filled mind games and, with her five children, escape the abyss of abuse that envelopes them? 



Thad is driven to escape and control his Mind-friends and family situation. To cope with his painful past, he numbs out or hypes on substances which can trigger his response to what his Mind Friends tell him. Thad is trapped by them in his mind, just as a caged animal will strike out at whoever approaches the cage, abuse is the result. 



Devoted wife to her new husband and to her marriage covenants with God, April is torn to know how to love and endure through sickness and health with her sudden spiral into substance abuse and mental illness. The emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial abuse cycles in and out over nine years and five children until she is left with 8-minutes to flee for her life! 

Screenwriter & News Stories

My Screenwriter

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Catherine Shefski

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Nightly News
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Seeking Justice Was Not Easy.

All of us can fall.....

Here I am on my wedding day, May 23, 1997. 

I thought I was entering a sunrise of my life...the reality was it was a sunset into the darkest abyss.

But! a Pinpoint of light happened on  November 28, 2006—the day we had 8 minutes to escape with our lives. 

WE were free!

You ask yourself the question: 


1) No mental health help

2) Denial of problems

3) Tolerance of abuse

4) Excuses

5) Fear 

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As you have seen on the NEWS buttons and if you clicked on the mugshot picture,  and read there comes a moment when we have to let go and move on.


There is a place and time for the truth to be shared, and forgiveness is a very private challenge. 

It is nothing to bear lightly. There are still moments of what if, can we remain safe, how could he have been so lost, and so forth. 


You must leave when you live with someone who turns against your children, your values, and your very lives.


They are placed in the hands of the Maker, and you must turn towards the light and battle for safety.

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I chose to write my story, fight back to help stop him from terrorizing other women, and choose to give to those in need. 

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How Can you Help?


Help April to Find the Right Director and Producer for this movie which will change the lives of millions of women in Domestic Violence


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Pinpoints of Light is based on April Tribe Giauque’s memoir of escaping from Domestic Violence.

This book has been recognized and nominated for a global award Author Elite Awards 2020: Memoir.

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