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ASSESSMENT: Are they improving?


Data and assessments are critical components to BASE. Assessments allow teachers to understand the progress of each student, and our class as a whole. BASE has 3 types of assessments: summative, formative, and bi-yearly surveys.



A unit summative assessment is given at the beginning and end of each term.  The unit summative assessments have a pre-unit baseline measurement (to be administered prior to teaching the unit) and a post-unit assessment (to be administered at the end of each unit, 8 weeks after the pre-unit assessment). Each summative assessment has 8 questions, one for each lesson in the unit. Teachers are to compare the pre- and post- assessment scores they have recorded on the summative assessment form. The data comparison is critical to review, so teachers know which lessons they need to review.  


The formative assessments are completed on day 5 of each lesson. Teachers are to record and watch the videos to observe the functional level of each student. Using the videos, the teachers record each student’s level of mastery. This information is critical in order for teachers to understand the specific needs of their students.  Additionally, the goals stated in the BASE curriculum can serve as IEP goals for students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP).



The student, teacher, and parent are to complete identical bi-yearly surveys individually at the start and end of the school year. The survey given at the beginning of the year serves as baseline data. The survey given at the end of the year is compared to the baseline survey given at the beginning of the year to analyze progress. It is recommended that the baseline survey is given on the 4th week of school (end of September) and the end-of-year survey is given 4-6 weeks before the school year ends (first week of May). Teachers should record the progress each student made after following the curriculum implementation throughout the school year.

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