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ASL Three Opportunities to Communicate

ASL Three Opportunities to Communicate

There are everyday moments in which we find ourselves needing to communicate the everyday situations. Here are three ways to think about when communicating with your child to maximize language opportunities.

  1. Use child care moments to communicate what is happening: when they need a diaper change talk about the diaper, getting clean, feeling better. When they are eating food: name the food, spell the food, sign how yummy it is and so forth. Preparing and taking a bath: sign if the water is cold or warm, the spell and sign soap, toys and so forth. Sign and communicate as much as you are doing in that moment so that they are aware of all those signs and communication.

  2. Use the parent moments to communicate what is happening: when parents make a list for the grocery store, sign the items and spell the items on the list, describe the store, and the sites on the trip towards the store. When parents are working, describe what they are doing, why it is important, and how they feel about it. The list is endless.

  3. Use outings as vocabulary building: when at the park describe the colors of the slides, play equipment, and swings. Describe the sand, bark, or padding that is there. While at play dates, shopping, or church ask about “who” is there. Name the people, spell their names, and practice greetings.

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