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Work with April

Teachers, Parents, Victims, Advocates, Supporters

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Hi. I'm April. I am a Beacon of Light. I help you to discover your light!  I believe that we all have the power of light within us and my passion is to empower you with skills and skillsets so that you can become a Beacon of Light to someone in your life.    

I work with

1) Teams (Corporate, School-based, etc) 

2) Teachers (Social and Emotional connections for All students)

3) Parents raising special needs kiddos (Autism Spectrum)  

4) Victims (any type of abuse: verbal, emotional, mental, physical etc)

5) Supporters (Friends, Family members, and Co-workers)

6) Schools (Inclusion classroom settings and teamwork)

7) Businesses (team building and team coaching)

My whole purpose is the help you discover your LIGHT, Fuel your LIGHT, SHINE your LIGHT, and AMPLY your light for others so that we all might be uplifted and edified together. 


Become a Beacon of Light today! 

Send a quick email describing what your needs are or click the 4 buttons below and fill out the questionnaire on how I can serve you.

All coaching is 45 minutes and is priced based on your needs.

LEarn a little Bit more about April

Please contact April with your questions, concerns, and thoughts about Autism, ASL, classroom management supports, and with ideas for what you would like her to address for your needs.  

April loves to inspire others with hope and faith when she speaks about her story of survival.  Finding light in the dark madness of abuse has been a powerful journey, and by sharing it through her book, and through her inspirational speaking she hopes to guide others towards the light.  

April will do her best to answer email and give supports because people and relationships are important to her.  If you haven't heard a response from her in a timely manner, please nudge her again.  She will do her best to get back to you.

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