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Singing and Rhymes

Singing and speaking in rhymes are fun ways to connect with your child, but why do it with your child who is deaf? The answer is something you might not guess: songs and rhymes are part a child’s culture. To know them and to be exposed to them makes your child just that much more a part of the world.

There are other reasons to sing and rhymes:

  • Singing and rhymes can be done with your child not watching your face

  • Putting words to music helps your child remember them

  • Songs and rhymes are a natural way to help your child learn to anticipate what is coming next

  • Singing naturally focuses listening attention on voice pitch and rhythm, which are important for spoken language

  • Singing helps to develop long strong breath flow and breath control

  • How many of you still remember “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, or “The Wheels on the Bus”?

Singing and signing these songs are a fun way to communicate. I know that in signing to all my children, it is a way that we bond together and share something that is simple and fun…and something that is just as “every day” as anyone else.

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