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Videos of April Rose demonstrate how she is learning how to communicate, socialize, and live life.  I use titles and descriptions of evidence-based practices that I use with her to help teach her what she needs to do.  I have other videos that I use when I train teachers and give support to parents.  

Season 1

1. Motivation: skill set--prompting/ self-help               2.  Reading Time: skill set--language

3. Going Bananas: skill set--following directions       4. Texture Therapy: skill set--sensory therapy

5. Sensory Success: skill set--texture trouble             6. Tear Free Tangles: skill set--building routines 

7. Playtime: skill set--turn-taking                                   8. Transition: skill set--prompting and distractions

Season 2

1. Making a Sandwich: skill set--language           2. Visual Schedule: skill--prompting 

3. Empathy: skill set--helping others                     4. Distractions: skills--distractions

5. Rosie Can Play: skill set--play, turn taking      6. Punishment fits the crime--skills clean up

7. Summer Writing: skill set--language                8. Peer Models: skill set--following social models 

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