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How to Bond with your Child

Today there are so many demands on our time and not a lot of time to meet the demands.  Being busy should be not hinder us from loving and bonding with our children.  Here are come simple ideas: easy as one, two , three.  These simple ways to help promote bonding for any child whether they have a disability or not:

1) Touching: 

  • kiss and snuggle

  • patting

  • rocking

  • tickling

  • handling often

​2) Comforting

  • touching in soothing ways (stroking, patting)

  • speaking in a reassuring voice when your child is upset

  • rocking or cuddling when your child is crying

  • signing and singing

  • holding Close

  • encouraging and praising

  • smiling

​3) Responding

  • looking at your child when communicating

  • focusing on your child when caring for them

  • playing with your child

  • responding to your child's communication cues

  • laughing with your child

  • doing things at your child's pace

  • making funning sounds or actions to amuse your child

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