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Who is April Tribe Giauque? (It's pronounced Juke)

Let’s break it all down:

Welcome to Beacon of Light. 


In a nutshell, I am a Ghostwriter, editor, amplifying speaker,  and podcaster. I am a victor of Domestic Violence, and I walk a healing journey. I bring your story to light through my coaching, editing, and writing for income, impact, and influence are the result. 

I am a writer! I have always written, created, and lived in stories. Those stories eventually saved my life--literally! Like so many of you, I have TAP (trauma, abuse, pain) that has happened in my life. What do we do when that happens? We choose to follow the light and heal or fall into disorienting darkness. I chose light!  Pinpoints of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse is her heroine story of escaping abuse with her five children. Her second, Out of Darkness, is her healing journey that followed.


I coach people on how to write their stories. I TAP (trauma, abuse, pain) into their Light and empower writers who have stories to find their inner strength to write. I have a system to help build their external structure to reach their readers and not “kill off their readers.”


As a Developmental Editor, empowering structures and frameworks for powerful storytelling. I coach others on TAP (use their Trauma, Abuse, Pain story) to become a Beacon of Light to the World.


I am a Ghostwriter. Being a Ghostwriter for an Author releases and reveals them even though the writing process is done through my head, heart, and hands; it is still their work. That is the vulnerability of sharing your thoughts and ideas in such a permanent way.  But rest assured, you’ve chosen to change your world and the people who will read your work!

I am a Podcaster. The Beacon of Light Podcast is for Authors who write stories about hope. Whether you write children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, religious, memoir, or self-help books, the message is HOPE! I believe that authors have harnessed that power and can give it to so many people.


For the audience, investing in a $20 book is the cheapest way to invest in their healing, character development, business skills, life, etc. Authors, you have a message that can reach the right person at the right time. Your story of hope does that. I merely serve you by holding my Beacon of Light Podcast lens/mirror to amplify your light! 

Finally, as a Keynote speaker, I address your educational needs, Autism, Deafness, inclusion, Social-Emotional Learning, Domestic Violence supports, Writer's needs, and so much more.


WOW! So, that’s me. Sprinkle in nine children, five with special needs (deaf and autism), an amazing husband, and a teacher, and you’ve got the picture.  Well, almost. I love MUSIC, cooking, hiking, and I HATE chocolate. Love family, making memories, and my God. Love Light!


Show UP Shining! 


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