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Who is April?

Let’s break it all down:

Welcome to Beacon of Light Write Services! I speak, fuel, & empower Light to individuals from the stage. I am a Developmental Editor empowering structures and frameworks for powerful storytelling. I coach others how to TAP (use their Trauma, Abuse, Pain story) to Light the World, and I Ghostwrite to deliver their story to become a Beacon of Light to ALL! 

I am a writer! I have always written, created, and lived in stories those stories eventually saved my life--literally! Like so many of you, I have TAP (trauma, abuse, pain) that has happened in my life. What do we do when that happens? We make a choice to follow the light or fall into disorienting darkness. 


I coach people how to TAP into their Light and I empower writers who have stories of trauma, abuse, or pain to find their inner strength to write their external structure so that they will reach their readers and not “kill off their readers.”


I am a Ghostwriter. Being a Ghostwriter for an Author releases and reveals them even though the writing process is done through my head, heart, and hands; it is still their work. That is the vulnerability of sharing your thoughts and ideas in such a permanent way.  But rest assured, you’ve made a choice to change your world and the people who will read your work!


WOW! So, that’s me. Sprinkle in 9 children, 5 with special needs (deaf and autism), an amazing husband, and a teacher and you’ve got the picture.  Well, almost. I love MUSIC, cooking, hiking, and I HATE chocolate. Love family, making memories, and my God. Love Light!


Show UP Shining! 


Background Information

April Tribe Giauque

340 Purple Martin Ave

Kyle TX 78640

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