Beacon of Light Editing Services

 Beacon of Light Developmental Editing

Who: Writers who want to write their story but need structure and a framework to make it happen. 

What: Developmental Editing Developmental Editing is the process in which we find the structure and framework of your story. I offer these services to writers as well as for ghostwriters 

Where: Online through weekly phone calls and 3 appointment Deep dives

When: 1 day a week for weekly calls alternating Am or PM

Why: Purpose is for Writers to finish their book and not Quit! And for Ghostwriting clients to understand the structure and framework of the book I will be writing.

How: Through My Beacon of Light Writes Services

I empower writers and Ghostwriters who have stories of trauma, abuse, or pain (TAP)  to TAP into their inner strength to write their external structure so that they will have the masterpiece they know they have inside of them.  

I also offer my Developmental Services as a reduced fee to structure the Ghostwriting for them. 

Line Editing Services

Line Editing:

  • A line editor works line-by-line, tightening up sentence structure so the language is sharp and clear.

  • They look closely at how a writer’s word choice and syntax contributes to the tone or emotion of a piece of writing.

  • Finally, a line editor is concerned with the overall pacing and logical flow of a piece.

This is what I will do for you.  I really want to help you to connect the reader emotionally to your work--whether you are fiction, nonfiction, memoir....the reader needs to connect and be invested.

A line editor goes through your work sentence by sentence, asking questions about how the language and structure are working.

For example:

  • What is the tone of this passage? Do the words successfully emotionally connect to that tone?

  • Are there any extraneous words?

  • How are the sentences flowing? Does it fit together? 

  • Is the language precise and have the least amount of clichés?

  • What about the point of view? Is it consistent? If the POV shifts, does it do so in a logical manner?

Since I am combing through the manuscript, as a line editor I am responsible for working directly with the writer to talk through the edits, resolve disputes, and address questions about the writer’s intent.


The actual line editing process will take several meetings going back and forth until you are satisfied with the suggestions. 

Copy Editing Services

Copy Editing:

This is where we clean it all up! We like to make it shine.

Now, remember, nothing will be 100% free from errors. Why? Because we are human and mistakes will happen. However, It will be close to perfect as possible.


Book that call and see how I can help you!

April Tribe Giauque

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