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Do you want to write your story to pop, stand out, and grab the attention of your readers?

Do you have a structure and a framework to make it happen?


I can help! My Developmental Editing process will help you to find the structure and framework of your story. I offer these services to writers, as well as for ghostwriters. 

Let's book a call and find out your needs. Your free 20-minute call could change your life and the life of your book!

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Beacon of Light Editing Services contractor: Jill Armijo

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Check out her book. Her work speaks through the pages of her book:

Home of the Unknown Soldier.

Jill Armijo is my editor. Her editing eye blessed my book Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live in Your Light with the professionalism I desired.


 I highly recommend her line and copy editing for all the projects that Ghostwrite, developmental edit, and for my own personal books. 

She knows the structure, the look, and the personal touch to add to your book. Her work is professional, clean, and punctual. Contact her today for your masterpiece to become a reality.

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