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Consulting Services for Educators
Train your Teachers Today!

Are you a teacher who needs support with teaching students who are on the Autism Spectrum? Do you need classroom organizational skills or visual supports?  What do you need so you can reach that one student? What about social skills training?


Administrators, what supports do your teachers need to reach their students?  Does your school need inclusion classroom strategies?  What kind of Autism Spectrum supports do you have for your school? What about social skills training?

I consult and coach schools, districts, and teachers about the following: 


1. Inclusion Classroom supports and strategies

2. Power of Stories: Autism Spectrum Disorders and how to reach them!

3. Social Education: Beyond Social Skills

4. 28 Evidence Based Practices: What will work for your classroom?

5. BASE:  Building Advanced Social Education 

6. Home Connections: Parents are part of the Puzzle!


I can serve any needs that you have.  I can customize any training you need for Special Education services, general classroom supports, or parenting supports.  I can't wait to help! I look forward to hearing from you soon! I offer trainings throughout the year.  The schedule fills up quick, so please contact me at 


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