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Where are you on your healing journey? 

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Healing Journey

Healing. It is a journey. Like any kind of wound, it is going to take time to heal from it.  There is a process to it. I realized that I had to get out of the abuse I was in.


Before healing even started, I had to make an exit plan.  I did that with 3 Key elements to my plan included:

1. I created a network of friends, strangers, and agencies.

2. I got a job.

3. I hid my money in a separate account.

Once we were out and "safe" (I had a protective order, secure job, a place to live), I knew it was time to start the process of getting better.  You can read all about my exit plan in Pinpoints of Light One thing I knew for sure was that this was not going to be a checklist—this was going to be a PROCESS. 

HEaling Process

The healing process is found in my new book,

Out of Darkness: Find, Fuel, and Live in Your Light

Here are some huge components of Healing.  Please note that these are not in any order and that they have an ebb and flow like a tide.  This is a journey and the biggest ingredient is time and action. The process in healing looks like this.

Denial, emotional crisis, bargaining, anger, grief, acceptance, depression, repairing damages, letting go, and forgiveness.

In my book, you will read about your Comfort Cage, Learning Zone, Vulnerability Prism, Recovery Road, finding your light fueling, and living in it. You will also discover the meaning of what a Shame Shadow© can do to you and how you can defeat it. Are you ready to heal? You are worth the tiny investment of $14.95

Healing work through writing With April

Do you want to HEAL? How? With the power of a coach guiding you all along the way.

April knows to help you on your healing journey and will work with you in private settings to help you understand where you are in the journey to writing your story. 


Writing your story is a HUGE piece of healing, and you don't have to do it alone. 

My program of empowering healing with your story brings you through the


to a Survivor,


to Ultimately a VICTOR!

It is a healing process done by releasing the words, shame, wounds, and pain that kept you trapped. Well, NO more!  


TAP (trauma, abuse, pain) into your darkness to unleash your light! 

Your STORY is your Powerful light!

The program is 8-week session that leads you to light.


The Abuser: hunters & Caged Animals 

These are the news story about my ex-husband.  He is still dangerous.  He is STILL stalking. 

We are still fighting!

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