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Power of Stories Coaching

Power of Stories:

Daily we see Social Scenes and we are judged by our response to them. ASD students struggle in social scenes. How do you help them? Through Stories!


I coach teachers how to:

1) examine the social success/failures of their students


2) Find characters that can match success social situations.

3) Teach students how to modify their behavior for social success!

4) And much much more!


Power of Stories: Three Hour Training 

  • Hourly rate for small groups (10 or less)

  • Group Rates for Larger Groups (11-30)

  • District Rates (30+)

  • Contact April to learn about hourly rates, small group pricing, and larger group pricing.

Power of Stories


April knows how to present information in a fun and engaging way that presents opportunities for growth and reflection. --Emily, Ascent Academy


April is very knowledgable in career and home life.  --Katie, Hawthorn Academy

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