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Isaac versus the Ice!

Isaac has always been connected to the cold and to Ice. When he was 7 months old we were living in Idaho. We were renting a house and the furnace went out in the middle of the night. I went into his room that morning and found him chattering and shaking. I picked up my little bobbin of a boy and held him close and the name Isaac-Zeke...Zickles just came out of my mouth. He has been our "Zickles" ever since.

He hates the cold because we have to take down the trampoline wach winter and he is not able to jump and self regualte his sensory needs. Again--the cold is not his friend.

Last year in January, he was hitting icicles off the church when one crashed down on him slicing his head and giving him 5 stitches.

This year, on January 8th, the ice struck again! This time he wemt running to the bus, hit the patch of black ice, flew into the air and crashed to the pavement landing on his previously fractured elbow.

Being the loving mother that I am, I checked it over, gave him some tylenol and sent him back off to school. Well, he called me three times that day to tell me how bad it was hurting. I had grandma go pick him up and promised that after work I would take him to the clinic. True to my promise (and shoveling three driveway's later--I know mother of the year award), we arrived at the clinic to learn, he has a two inch fracture in his elbow.

I sit in shock, Isaac glares at me, and Kellis has a great laugh. Yes, proud mommy moments! oh well...the Learning Zone, right??

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