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The Everyday Grind

The Everyday Grind This week’s post is about just dealing with the everyday life while more and more is added to you routine. It was nothing really profound, but just the everyday grind and to top it all off, 6 of the 10 were sick with a terrible cold/flu/and RSV. Good times right? Well, it’s only been 7 days and we are still getting through the different stages of sicknesses. Many are on the mend while others are about 3 days behind the others, so it makes for an interesting stagger. Speaking of stagger, it makes me stagger along trying to finish and accomplish the “everyday” grind mixed in with the new added component of illness.

The complications to our everyday life came like this: 1) no baby sitter came because everyone was sick—so the older sick kids became the babysitter while I checked in with phone calls and on my lunch break. 2) Being out of my classroom because of the needs of the school and being the only LEA in the building on those days’ calls for a lot of bendy brain thinking and lesson planning re-arranging in order for it all to work. 3) Can I just say that the amount of boogers and puss leaking from the noses of these kids could be some kind of record? SERIOUSLY! I am thinking of calling the Guinness Book of World records or something to measure the amount that I have sucked out of these kids. 4) Chauffeuring my oldest to all of his choir practices for the play and for his competition, and then finding time to direct him in his choral music so he can gain the dynamics of the music. 5) Going to all the different doctor’s visits and testing—oh yeah and still not miss work, make dinner, and make it to all the other practices this week. And finally 6) the lack of sleep that occurred this week was staggering. I usually can function on 5-6 hours of sleep per night, however the key to this little amount of sleep is the fact that I usually can get it in a 5 hour stretch that is uninterrupted. This week it was fractured up into 45 minute to one hour blocks with 2 hour waking episodes of laundry, showering, giving meds, holding and rocking. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Anyway, the everyday grind outcomes for this week? Although we made it through all the obligations (thanks to the blessing of the Lord), I didn’t make it through with very much patience. My temper was short and it landed on my children, ouch…and guilt. I know it was an over the top week and I won’t beat myself up about it, but wow. I know the Lord loves me in spite of all my flaws. I know that He will help me through every week if I trust in him, ask for forgiveness, and just keep plugging along.

So, today, Sunday is a day that I am trying to reset things for the upcoming week. I’m working on the plan…the plan for the week is going to start at home, then work, then anything else. I’m thinking that this week should be a little better. Even though I still have sick kiddos, I am going to stay home from work and do what I should do for them, be home and be a mom. I know…it is the small things and although many things still need to get accomplished, my priority for these next 7 days will be with the small and simple things and the rest will work out for itself.

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