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Food Kits for Emergency

Well, the challenge was “on” in my head which meant that I had set a goal and it was going to be accomplished. Here is how it turned out for each backpack:

  • Backpacks for everyone (rolling bag for Rhetten and April Rose complete with their diapers, jackets, bottles, food, water, and blankets).

  • One gallon zip plastic bag with mini first aid kit (Isaac has an emergency inhaler as well), toothbrush, and food (jerky, nuts, granola bars, raisins, cereal, and crackers) for three days for each person in each bag (each divided into plastic zip bags and labeled day one, two and three).

  • Water: three water bottles (one per day so the backpack isn’t too heavy—I know not enough, but it is a start).

  • Zip Baggie with emergency poncho, hand warmer, and emergency blanket on the outside pouch of the backpack—for quick access.

  • Baggie with one extra pair of underwear, socks, and a hat

  • One fleece blanket

  • One fleece jacket

  • One flashlight

  • Cards, or games to fight off boredom.

  • Mom’s backpack has first aid kit, hygiene kit, food and water for Scott and April, my jacket, and medicine: Tylenol, pain meds, allergy meds, asthma meds, cold and flu meds for adults and kids, anti diarrhea meds, antacid meds, vitamins, and night vitamins.

  • Scott’s backpack has the emergency radio, extra food, water, water purification pills, three tub tents, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, knife, tools, rope, ponchos, emergency blankets, matches, source of fuel, and his jacket.

  • 6 gallon water tank

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