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How can I make it all fit??

This has been my thought following a “are you prepared” talk from church last Sunday. As soon as he started I went through the list of items I knew that I didn’t have: first aid kit, food for 72 hours, backpack for everyone, blankets, ponchos, water….I was starting to overwhelm and panic myself as I continued to listen.

My head split into my “positive” and “negative” side. Negative: yep, you don’t have that…or that…and better yet, how are you going to put that together with no money. Positive: well, I have $200. I will look at the emergency stores, dollar stores, other stores, and educate myself. Negative: good luck. There is no way you can get this done. Positive: hum, really? I’ll have it ready to go before Saturday morning.

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