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How to keep a family of 11 going?

Food/Shopping for the Giauque’s

Food, dinners, shopping, there is no magic in it. It takes hard work and planning. Budget planning is really the key to making things work. I wish I had more time to develop more meals, but this is what we have for now. I try to throw extra veggie or fruit in when I can.

  1. Plan the meals for the week: I shop for Breakfast and Dinners.

  2. I usually plan 7-10 meals for the week and I am flexible on what to have on what days depending on the mood of the family.

  3. Stick to the plan! I allow to 2 surprise buys when at the store.

  4. I don’t spend hours on coupons or online looking at the best deals because I work full time and anytime not working needs to be with the family. (I’m sure I could save more by doing that, but I can only do so much).

  5. If kids won’t eat what is served they have 2 options: fruits and veggies, or hot dogs. (I’ve heard it all about the food battles---peace is more important---this is a battle I don’t engage in).

Meals Dinners (this is all I fix—too many food battles and this is what works--But my husband would love a change. Maybe that will come when I sell enough books).

My circumstances have changed a bit but this is basically what happens. I just thought I share and give ideas. I'd love to hear your feed back.

We spend about $800 a month on food, and that is tight for a family our size. We will just keep going on until we can add a bit more to the budget.

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