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3 Rave Reviews of BASE!

I am so excited to share these reviews with you! Listen to these Rave Reviews from Teachers who have been using BASE with their students for the past 3 years! BASE will soon be available for purchase to help parents and all teachers June 2017!!

Jennifer Schafer writes:

BASE: Building Advanced Social Education

I have had the opportunity to teach 7th and 8th graders in a special education self-contained classroom for the past five years. I was lucky enough to be a part of the pilot program for B.A.S.E. back in 2014. I have used this curriculum ever since.

B.A.S.E. is teacher friendly as well as very effective for students with disabilities. By teacher friendly, I mean, there is little prep for each lesson. There are pre and post tests ready to go. Lessons are structured and lesson plans are easy to follow. There are three things that I get excited about when it comes to this curriculum.

First, video modeling for students of all ages. Each video demonstrates both the negative behavior and most importantly, the correct behavior. Second, social stories come with each lesson. Social stories are easy to follow and include pictures for better understanding. Third, lessons encourage role-playing. I cannot say enough about why those three factors make this program so successful.

I have seen student progress using B.A.S.E. in all kinds of life-skill concepts including:

  1. Identifying emotions

  2. Taking turns while talking

  3. Using appropriate body language and understanding body language

  4. Greetings

  5. Accepting No

  6. Following rules

  7. Active listening

  8. Hygiene

Why do I continue to use B.A.S.E?

The number one reason I use B.A.S.E is because I see progress towards mastering social skills that are made by students (with Autism as well as other disabilities). This program works in my classroom that includes a wide range of abilities. I love that it is NOT a worksheet based program. My students have learned by role-playing and video modeling, which this curriculum includes. As a teacher who has to prepare 5 different classes and adjust each lesson to each students’ needs, I have LOVED having my social skills lessons ready to go without stressing about it each day. It takes minutes to have the lesson ready, not hours.

April, thank you for letting me be part of the pilot program. Other teachers have observed me and have asked where to find such a great program. I honestly can’t say enough about B.A.S.E and all it has to offer those who need social skills instruction.

Alexis Studer claims: BASE curriculum has immensely impacted how I do social skills within the classroom. It is really the foundation of the whole class. It is laid out so fluently; it takes minor prep time to get the lessons together. I appreciate that each lesson is set up similar and each lesson includes a video with examples and non-examples that really catch the student’s attention. This is my first year teaching and I have used it consistently every day and will continue to use it in the future years.

And Finally, Monica Mower states: The Building Advanced Social Education curriculum has been an invaluable asset for my classroom. It has supported me in developing a classroom environment of progress and consistency. It has provided a crucial piece in my students' educational experience. Through the implementation of the BASE curriculum, my students have been empowered to embrace components of social skills development that they would not have had the opportunity otherwise. Because of the BASE curriculum, my students have a higher quality education and a higher quality life! I strongly recommend it for ANY class.

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