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Tear-free Tangles!

How do you brush someones hair when that someone is on sensory overload about their hair?? They fight, bite, hit, kick, and scream when you touch it? Rosie was a real puzzle on this one for me. I would try visual supports, schedules, and so forth. NOTHING! I tried the sneak attack: ambush hair brushing at the table while eating, while in the van, while in the watching TV; NOTHING (well except for screaming, hitting, and biting--but that was NOT what I was going for.

Finally after loosing battle and knowing that others are thinking that I neglect her, or think that she isn't worth the time, I stumbled onto the answer! BRUSH her HAIR in the BATHROOM. Yeah, I know--mic-drop moment!! Many of you are thinking, "duh?" But honestly, she was always on the go so it never occurred to me to try to place her in front of a mirror and do it there (and I was in such a bad habit of just bracing myself for the battle (defensively) verses pre-empting the battle (or prevent it from happening).

April Rose "Rosie" loves mirrors. She would look at herself sideways, then forwards, then upside-down and so forth. One day when she finished her tub and I had gotten her dressed, she was looking in the mirror. I thought, let's put her on the counter and she if she will let me comb her hair. I lifted her up so she could see all of herself and placed her on the counter. She smiled!! She reached for the brush herself and pointed at the brush and then her hair and then the mirror. WOW! That communication was clear to me. "Mom, hello, hum, like I need to be here to brush my hair. Duh!" That was it. The battle was over. She has a place to do her hair! She still hairs some of the pulling that happens, but she doesn't hit or bit. She sits and looks in the mirror and watches her face and her hair. She fights through the sensory part, and makes it to the end. VICTORY!! Now, if we can only get her up in time to do her hair for school.

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