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Building Relationships WORKSHOP at NCTM 2017!

WOW! The National Counsel of Teachers of Mathematics delivered a powerful conference! I was very blessed to work with amazing professionals and people at this conference. The strength of the conference was its wonderful organization allowing the participants to come away with fantastic take-aways, learning, and insight.

I delivered a powerful workshop on Inclusion Classrooms: Strategies for making it work. The teachers learned about how to build relationships with their students by use of structure and organization in their classrooms, defining boundaries, teacher meet and greet and so much more! The participants were respectful, open to learn, and motivated to implement what they learned directly to their classroom! It was interesting to listen to what everyone had to offer. The teachers learned about how to

We had participants form Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida! I loved learning what the structure of their classrooms is like and where they need more ideas and supports. They definitely are on the right track and so with the inclusion Workshop they should be ready to make 2017-18 GREAT!

I also was able to attend wonderful workshops from Pam Harris, David Wees, and more. I “pushed-up against” some ideas that were presented because so that I could further my personal understanding and reasoning of my own teaching. After all, I am a teacher and I hope to always improve my craft of teaching.

I can't wait to see you at my next workshop in January 27 in Houston! 13th Annual Special Education Parent Conference and Resource Fair Saturday, January 27, 2018.

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