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Number 1 Way to Stop a Melt-Down!

Number 1 way to stop a melt-down? How do you stop one you might ask? For many kids on the Autism Spectrum, Distractions work in one clear way. They interrupt the fixation/obsession/emotion and almost act like a short circuit. It's like a breaker in a break box interrupting the flow of energy to the meltdown shutting it off completely!

For April Rose, distractions are my super hero rescue skill. As you will see in this short clip, Rosie has been given transition prompts to stop watching TV because it is time for breakfast. I gave her the count down, the visual prompt, and everything, but who can blame her? Who would want to stop the fun of watching your favorite show to go and do something boring or mandatory? No one! Turning off the TV can be tough but with distraction, we were able to pull Rosie away from the TV and into a fun game of "chase me!" Who wouldn't like that?

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