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How to Use a Visual Schedule After Teaching the Steps

Visual Schedule Part 2

Hi again! Thank you so much for teaching me how to use a Visual Schedule! The First-Then board was successful, and we have added the visual schedule to our routine. It looks like she is understanding how to use it. So now what? How do I implement it while “life” is happening? Do I still use it? Can I adjust the list or things we are doing?

Great questions! Let’s answer your first one: “How do I implement it?” Pull out that visual in a routine and in a similar area each day as much as possible, but if life is happening, pull it out wherever you are. The idea is to do preventative measures by getting them to learn the routine and what is expected. Setting the expectations really helps them in what is coming up next and how to adjust their actions/behaviors accordingly.

Next question: Can I adjust what activities we are doing? Yes, YES, YES! This is the whole point of the schedule. You teach them that generally things will be the same, for example, waking up, getting ready, and going to school. However, waking up times can change, or food can be different, or maybe you missed the bus so grandma will take you to school. Maybe it is the weekend so the schedule will be different. The point is to be and consistent as possible so that they learn how to set up their day and what to expect.

Wow! Thanks! Can you show a me another video so I can see it happening in real life? Final answer, YES, Sure, You Bet! I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you saw and how it helped you out. I’d love to share those answers with my growing audience! Tune in next week for the next Blog!

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