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How to Have Success in Using a Visual Schedule!

How to Have Success in Using the Visual Schedule!

Visual Schedule Part 3

Hello! To wrap up our 3 part Visual Schedule series I’d like to share the video of Rosie’s success! I have heard back from many of you about your success in teaching the First-Then board, adding the visual schedule to the routine! Congratulations! Sarah T writes, “I have seen many visual schedules, but I did not know how to teach the steps successfully to my son. Now I that we have been using the schedule, our morning routine is successful! Thank you so much!”

Sarah first started using the First-Then board with great success. Next she moved on to creating a visual schedule to help her son with 4 items he was struggling with: finishing breakfast, finding his shoes, getting his backpack, and waiting for the bus. With the schedule in place he is able to complete those tasks without tantrums or nagging by Sarah. Great JOB MOM!

I too have had success with Rosie and her Visual Schedule! Here is the last video in this series. Once again the success was happening in real life, with real kids, and with real needs. Congrats to Sarah T and all the parents out there who are having success!

Please share your thoughts on what you see and if I can help you in anyway! Thank you so much for your continued support and may you continue to find the missing pieces to your Autism puzzle. Remember to comment, email, like and share with others: I can’t wait to hear from more of you soon!

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