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Top Tip for Transition Skills!

How many of you have ever had to get your kids in the van to go somewhere before? How many of your children happily run to the vehicle and without any issues jump in and off you go in 3 minutes or less??? If this describes you, then DON'T read any more! Stop! You've got your act together. HOWEVER, if this is not you, then please read on!

What is the Top Tip for Transition?? One word: patience! No matter how much I have planned or prepared, I must remember the foundation to make any transition work is patience! When we get ready to leave ANYWHERE, I have to plan and prepare for transitions to happen--with deep breaths and patience! In this video you'll see that I have shoes, everyone is dressed, and we are all outside. BUT......then suddenly Rosie needed her backpack! Why? We were just going to the store, but she wanted to be prepared so she insisted. Deep breath, Patience! My focus goes back to the rest of the kids to get them into the van. You'll see Rosie's challenges with her body, her motor planning, her frustration, yet her ability to stick with it and not melt down completely--and hopefully my patience. :)

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