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Missing Pieces: Time, Pendulums, swings....

March 23rd

garrett had a tough swing March 22. He was lost for a few hours. When he grasps hold of the pendulum and goes for an extreme ride to the flip side, it takes hours for the anguish to subside. The swing to fall backwards takes mere seconds but the journey forward is going to takes years. The emotional pendulum from paradise to paranoia can be fractions of a degree. We have heard of 2 steps forward, 5 steps back. Those saying are th===== and had a long time of crying and expressing a lot of emotion. It is so hard to watch the anguish, but we stuck through it and he made it through to the other side. (meaning he is stable again). Then we watch him pendulum to the other side within a few hours yet again.

Time...I tell myself this all takes time. Time...the very thing that no one has. We already live in the margins of life trying to improve the life that we have. Time….trying to make enough so that everyone feels loved and cared for, and when they don’t it is a hard day for all. Time….it keeps on ticking and ticking. Will it stop? Nope. Will time be a blessing? I hope so. Tick, tick, tick, tick……….

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