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Top 7 ways to be a Light in the Abyss of Life!

How are you a light in the abyss of life? Because you are LIGHT and with light you have pinpoints of action! Action means we are doing something; we are acting before we are acted upon. We are making the first move. We are searching for hope and light. We are moving towards the pinpoints or hope in our lives no matter where we are and we adding light unto the light we already have.

What is the abyss of life? It can be anything: financial challenges, time management fails, abuse, time sucks, hacks, depression, substance abuse, or making the hard choice between Good, Better, Best! How do we fight that part of life? Through Pinpoints of Light!

What are these pinpoints of light?

1) Smiles (from a stranger, friend, co-workers, and family)

2) Hugs (from anyone! Hugs have power!)

3) Prayers (Praying for someone is the fastest way to find light--it helps to increase answers for your own problems as well)

4) Stories (When we listen to the lives of other people we gain a perspective and find that our light is brighter than we thought and that we can shine for others)

5) Positive thoughts (POWER! If Negative thoughts can bring destruction, then why not DO the OPPOSITE? IT is REAL power to have a mindset change towards positivity and light).

6) Trusting and exercising Faith in a Higher Being (for me that is Heavenly Father)

7) Always searching for light! (There is darkness all around us--that's a given, so why not look for light? There is Light in the eyes of child, in an activity, in your work, in your creations, and in helping/serving others! Find that light--amplify it and SHINE ON!


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