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Votes to Save Women

Hi! My name is


I had the pleasure of meeting the author of Pinpoints of Light, April Tribe Giauque at a humble but very powerful photoshoot. She and the other women I met that day just radiated courage and strength instantly.

I knew in my heart each woman overcame battles and nightmares that I couldn't even illustrate! Which is why I am posting this Author Academy Awards post and its link.

April wrote this book for all the women and men who have struggled with domestic violence and has spoken up to be heard, not to mention she has an Army backing her up, I met them.

Do me a favor and P L E A S E smash that vote button for my dear friend that has not only inspired me but is also inspiring many victims to keep holding on by fighting on!

Why vote? I need to get a certain amount of popular votes in order for my book to make it to the next round. Voting ends July 1st!

Please share this with everyone. The more votes my book can get, the more books are

purchased, the more help she can give to other victims to break the cycle of abuse.

Thank you! Again!!

You will see a book list. Click on ARROW to "page" 9/16.

April's book is listed in the category Memoir on page 9/16.

Please click on the book

******WARNING***** if you click on ANY book it is a VOTE for the book you clicked on! Clicking on the book will not give you information about the book.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for voting! PLEASE respond by saying voted! Thanks!


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