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SHH!!! Don't break the Silence

Shhhh!!!! Don't break the silence! I thrive behind closed doors! I take more lives then all cancers combined! What am I?? Domestic Violence

Three Signs that tell your friend is in relationship trouble! 1. Lying, 2. Making excuses, 3. Breaking promises.

Maybe you see them every day at work and you know that something is off. Something is just not right. You as their friend, co-worker, or family member, you want to help but you just don't know what to do!

But what if you had a program that could give you the words to say, the skills to do, and it could save lives? What if you had the tools to become the ultimate supporter? What if you could help to break the silence?

Now there is. As a friend to someone who is in abuse, you can now learn the skills to know what to do!

"MZM" from Idaho Writes:

Thanks y'all! Be that Light to someone who is in the darkness

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