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Can Amazon Prime Day Save Lives?

AMAZON and saving lives? Wait...did I read that right? How on earth could Amazon Prime day save anything other than money?

Well you are right about it saving you money on nearly everything you can think of beauty products, kitchen products, luggage, athletic wear, etc. But, what about BOOKS?

YES! It is true! During this last and final day of Amazon Prime Books are at a lower price and special. Just check it out on my book Pinpoint of Light: Escaping the Abyss of Abuse

My price on Kindle dropped $4 and you can get it with a free app! Paperback has some used copies for $13.69 and even new copies for $12.72!

So what? I still don't understand how Amazon Prime can save lives? It's simple. Two reasons, first, by purchasing my book Pinpoints of Light on Prime Day you can help us go to number one in the Kindle or Paperback format.

With a number one label, we and then able to sell more books! More sales gives us the ability to develop more programs to help victims of domestic violence/abuse to get out and become victors! This is what saves lives!

Reason number two? With a number one label, Amazon then puts the book in front of more buyers. The more people purchase they are then able to understand the epidemic that domestic violence is in the country:

  1. 1 in 4 women will be abuse in their lifetime (that's 120 million people!).

  2. 40% of the homicides are women in Domestic Violence

  3. 90% of the 40% of the women who were killed were killed AFTER they left DV

  4. Women are only successful is they have an exit plan and use supporters and advocates to help make it out.

I know hard facts. But if we know what is happening we will BREAK the SILENCE and become supporters to victims and help more out of abuse!

Without my supporters, I would not have made it out alive. They were the lifeline that allowed me to stay safe in the face of my ex-husband who turned to hunt us down and try to find us after we left. 6 lives saved from supporters in my story. Pinpoints of Light shows you the supporters that help save our lives.

How can Amazon Prime Day save lives?

  • Low prices more books sold

  • More books sold more programs developed

  • More people reading how supporters helped me

  • More people are saved as they supporter others who are in Domestic Violence.

Only 19 hours left on this Kindle and Paperback special!

IF we sell 10 books in either the Kindle or Paperback in one day then we should hit number 1.

Let's make July 16th the day that History is made!!

IF you are willing to help this cause then please type the word "Victor" to me.

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