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“Your breath smells like Poo!”

Parents! Has this ever happened to you?? Your kids’ unpredictable, unfiltered, but VERY understandable outburst towards a friend, stranger, or relative?

“You’re fat!”

You’re house smells like cats!!

“Your breath smells like poo!!”

Yes, you say?? Those things have happened to you?? Sigh…me too!


What about this experience? You and your three-year-old have a cart full with a weeks worth of groceries and suddenly the gripping fear hits you: you have to face the check out stand and all the little candies, toys, and goodies! You nearly abandon the cart and run for the door rather then face the tantrum that is coming!

But alas, they see the candy and start ramping up with questions, negotiations, manipulations, and finally wear you down with the mother of all screaming, and you break! In goes the candy, down goes the screaming child, and suddenly here comes EVERY parenting expert in the word to tell you what you should be doing. You wish you could disappear but you can't. Finally you make it out the door with the groceries and the embarrassment you go.


Parents, have any of these happened to you?

What do you do when it happens? Get angry, feel overwhelmed, feel like a failure?

What is your plan/solution for next time?

More nagging?

Leave the kid home from shopping?

Or avoid relatives and strangers for life?

Parents, do you want to be empowered and enlightened with social education skills to change the outcomes?

Do you want help with these things?

Then this FREE training is for you. You’ll become empowered with skills to make REAL changes in LESS TIME than you think!

Learn how--CLICK HERE

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