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Light Beckons Us to Follow: Do we?

31 Pinpoints of Light Day 4:

Light beckons for it to be followed--do you follow it? Light Beckons for it to be followed. Throughout the day you see the brightness of light, you feel warmth, energy, and heat. Darkness is black, and cold, and can race from the corners of the room to snuff light out. Darkness is even tangible.

Light, however, can fill a room giving it hope, heat, and brilliance. Light slices through darkness leaving a path to follow. Light, no matter how dim, how small, can be seen through the darkness as a point to fix upon. Even in the inky tangible darkness, we can fix our eyes towards that pinpoint of light. When we use light, we can find direction through the black storms of our lives, just as lights in the harbors give safe travels around the barriers of the sea.

Whatever the black storms of your life might be, always know that there is a pinpoint of light that can break through even the darkest, blackest, coldest night. The evidence is all around you! From the stars, the moon, and the Sun your Creator (whomever you believe that is) has light for you in the day and even in the night.

You are worthy of this light. You are worth fighting for. You are worth everything! Remember we have a CHOICE--turn back towards the darkness or to turn to the Light. Which will you choose today?

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