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Do You Listen to the Still Small Voice?

The light was like a still small voice, and it pierced me to the center of my soul. The light sliced through the sharp thorny darkness leaving a narrow pathway for me to follow. The heat of the peaceful light had seared the thorny words. The light in this new dawn of the quiet strength from the morning rose gently by degree minute by minute until the sun had risen filling my life with light. The sharp thorns that cut, snagged, and held me down had been severed by the light and released me.

I started to gain focus with this ray of hope. The ray of hope had shed new light on the things that I was currently doing: I was in college; I was exposed to new friendships and experiences with people who loved life. They had a love for things that I used to, and it rekindled the fire for those things I thought I had lost in the darkness. I saw and longed for true friends who were talking with me again, I was cheering and tumbling again, and I was finding the gospel again. Those were pieces of this ray of hope--my new light.

Suddenly, I glanced behind me. What I saw was a tunnel of darkness, a black inky hole--void of any light--I had just come from there. I had been rescued out of the inky hole by the light. I turned my head sharply from looking behind me and focused myself on the beam of light. I enjoyed the warmth, music and the love I was encased in.

What had changed? Why had the light come? What had happened? One thing, and only one thing: there is opposition in all things my have decided to listen to the still small voice which led me towards light! Thank you for reading about day 5 from out 31 pinpoints of light for October and Domestic Violence Awareness

If you need any help with this, please check out my Free 3-day Challenge to Join Beacon of Lights.

I’d love to help you feel light and love!


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