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Is It Possible to Have Love at Home?

31 Pinpoints of Light Day 8:

Ofa I Api” Love at Home.

Love at home! We had escaped the violence and madness and were in the apartment clean bright during a late winter day. The apartment was tidy, the boys were quite drawing, building Legos, and reading. My daughters were down for a nap, and suddenly the music over the radio played a song Love at home.

The warm rays of the sun-filled through the small kitchen bay window. I sat in the maple chair with a cushion at my back and I looked at the tiny 10 by 8 living room space that saw the sunlight pool as a ray of light int the room. I was warmed by this fresh light. The clouds had split apart allowing for the point of light to fill my small apartment and give me a hug from Heaven.

The song continued on “There is beauty all around when there is love at home, Hate and envy ne’re annoy, when there is love at home.” They were right. It was such love. This pinpoint of light allowed my heart to rest. It was not running away, it was not a pressing day. It was a day of rest. I basked in the light of that sunbeam looked across the tired February snow and knew that we had done right.

The music then shifted into the Tongan language. My light inside seemed to surge upward. I knew the Tongan words “Ofa I Api” Love at home. I was taught by my Missionary companion nearly 11 years earlier. I was flooded with such love and memories that the Pinpoint of light became a full Sunbeam of light filling my light with pure love.

Tears welled up and ran The ray of light stayed for the entire 4-minute song transporting me into a world of energy and love. As the closing bars of the song faded away, the ray shifted back to a pinpoint and then was covered by the clouds again. But I was left with warmth and love a true pinpoint of light!

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