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Top Ways To Take Action When Subconscious Thoughts Hack You

31 Pinpoints of Light Day 9:

Take Action when Subconscious Thoughts Hack you!

How many of you are minding your own business, working through the day and suddenly from out of the blue a subconscious thought from a traumatic event will just flash across your mind? It can totally Hack you! Sometimes they will even strike in your dreams.

As I was coaching my client, she kept wanting to know the foolproof way to end that from happening. She felt that as she is a survivor and victor over Domestic Abuse that she "deserved to be free" of those thoughts. I smiled and held her hand and asked her a question, "Do you want, a way to erase every pain of the past, but not the lessons of the past?"

She looked at me with hope and said, "yes!" My response, "Then we need to work through the hacks that happen to you, because wishing them, get angry with them, or trying to suppress them will not help." She looked at me with disappointment, and with hope. "I'll try," she said. I hugged her and said, "together!"

Now thinking about events that happen in our lives is normal because we try to make connections and meaning to the experience that we had. If the events were traumatic, then the impact is even more. There is no controlling when those thoughts happen, but there is a response you can learn when they break through and hack you.

You can feel it start to come and then you can welcome it, and show it how far you have come and that this emotion is just for a few movements--they can be intense, but they will pass.

Helping them to pass with tears, with music, with tapping, with deep breathing, with movement, and with writing about your feelings, or having a conversation will help immensely.

I know as I look at my journals and see my progress made. It is thrilling to know that I have changed. REMBER: When the feelings come to TAKE action in writing, walking, with music and with talking--even if it is out-loud to no one, or if you believe in God then take it to him out loud.

You must get out of your head when these things happen because when you hear yourself talk about them you gain perspective. You gain clarity. You gain a sense of understanding and you will find yourself seeing your growth and your worth. Trust the process.

Work through it. In doing that work, you are strengthening yourself, and you are processing the trauma. That way you are getting rid of and purging the old. Then they happen less and less frequently.

#HealingFromDV. And check out some of the holistic ways to work through thoughts and feelings. I know you can do it!

Share how it is going. I hope you have an incredible day! For more help with this, you can click on the link below me and I would be honored to work with you.

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